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  1. Executive Committee

    • President
      Matthew Gurney

    • Members
      Stijn Schauvliege, Vice President
      Sara Boveri, Secretary (
      Miguel Angel Martinez Fernandez, Treasurer (
      Lynne Hughes, Past President

    • Coopted Members
      Olivier Levionnois
      Adam Auckburally (Chairperson Education and Recertification Committee)
      Karen Walsh (Chairperson Credentials Committee)
      Pamela Murison (Chairperson Examinations Committee)

  2. Education and Recertification Committee

    • Chair
      Adam Auckburally (

    • Members
      Karla Borland
      Emma Love
      Luca Zilberstein

    • Coopted Members
      Sabine Kaestner
      Claire Loughran
      David Neilson
      Charlotte Sandersen

    • Subcommittee Training Tool
      Paul MacFarlane
      Daniel Pang
      Joanne Potter
      Attilio Rocchi
      Julia Tunsmeyer

  3. Credentials Committee

  4. Examination Committee

    • Chair
      Pamela Murison (

    • Members
      Colette Jolliffe
      David Bardell
      Andreas Haga
      Marieke DeVries

    • Coopted Members (examiners at the Oral/Practical examinations)
      Alessandra Mathis
      Stephane Junot

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